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Suspension Magnets

Permanent Suspension Magnets are very large suspended plate magnets which are placed above open conveyors where the volume of ferrous contamination is low and only occasional cleaning is required. They provide effective protection from ferrous objects in grains, feedstuffs, raw and processed food products and other particulates.

PMS-24 to PMS-48 Suspension Magnets

The PMS Range of Suspension Magnets comes in 5 sizes.

Contaminant removal: Ferrous tramp metal such as nuts, bolts, wire, chain, hammers, crowbars etc. from free-flowing, granular, clumping, or bridging-type materials.

Uses: To protect particulate handling equipment from damage and hazards of tramp metal. Usually mounted directly over conveyor belts and as close to product as possible for maximum metal removal.

Two possible mounting positions are shown in the diagram.

Simple manual clean units are available in a range of sizes to suit common belt widths and a maximum belt speed of 1.5 metres/sec.

Five standard models suit typical troughed conveyor belt widths of 600mm to 1220mm.

Models are PMS-24, PMS-30, PMS-36, PMS-42 and PMS-48.

Optional sliding stripper tray available for faster, easier cleaning (not pictured).