Counter Sales are now available at our Main Roller Door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to the public?

We are primarily a business and industry focussed company but YES, we do sell to the public.  Counter Sales are available from the Main Roller Door of our Factory 8:15 to 5pm Monday to Friday only.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order for deliveries must total $25. This includes the product, delivery charge and GST.  Delivery charges vary with your location.  Our minimum sale for counter sales is just $5 including GST.

What are the rules for shipping or posting magnets?

Magnets must be shipped with care, ensuring they are well packed and without a strong field on the outside of the package that could attract to other objects.  For shipping by road couriers there are no restrictions.  For shipping by air freight or by Australia Post the packages must be measured by an air freight meter and the magnetic field must be below the reading set by the IATA (International Air Transport Association).  To achieve this, magnets can be packed in a steel lined box or package before being measured by the meter.  Some magnets and equipment are too strong to be shielded and cannot be air freighted.

How do you normally ship orders?

We normally ship by road courier using Couriers Please, TNT or a selection of other carriers.  Occasionally we post small orders using Express Post satchels when other methods are unsuitable.

Do you ship small magnets internationally?

No, we only ship small magnets within Australia.

Do you ship magnetic equipment internationally?

We only supply magnetic equipment to Australia, New Zealand and occasionally to nearby countries.  Other international enquiries are usually referred to Bunting Magnetics Co. in the USA or Europe.

Can I take my magnets on a passenger aircraft?

Rules for carrying magnets by air are set by the IATA (see “what are the rules for shipping or posting magnets?” above).  However, passenger airlines usually prohibit magnets and magnetic material from being carried and this is usually stated on the ticket’s terms and conditions.  Even where the magnets have been properly shielded, airlines have refused to carry them.

How do I order?

You can place an order by phoning us or making an enquiry using the Contact Us form on this website or by sending us an email.

Do you have price lists?

Yes, price lists can be emailed on request.  Please specify which products you are interested in.

Are all your products in stock?

All of our stock sizes of small magnets are almost always in stock and some equipment such as selected tubes, grates and sweepers are also kept in stock.  However our large range of Separation and Other Magnetic Equipment is often custom made in our Melbourne factory to suit the customer’s requirements.  Lead times depend on the product.