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Magnetic Conveyor Components Pulleys, Rails, Rollers

We supply a range of magnetic components used for the conveying of magnetic components such as cans.

Magnetic Rails

Magnetic Rails are used in conveying to keep ferrous metal products on a conveyor belt. They are particularly suited to handling cans or other metal containers.

Magnetic rails mount behind the belt to keep the metal parts in place as they move along. Using our custom built permanent magnetic rails you can magnetise an existing belt conveyor or include magnets into a new design. Magnetic strength can be gradually decreased so that parts are easily released as they near the end of the conveyor

Magnetic Pulleys

Magnetic Pulleys can be used at the end of conveyors to turn ferrous cans or parts over or to make them change directions from horizontal to vertical belts.

For details of Magnetic Separation Pulleys, also used in conveyors to separate ferrous and non-materials, please refer to our Magnetic Separation Pulleys page.

Magnetic Rollers

Magnetic Drive Rollers are designed to efficiently handle sheets of ferrous metal.